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What is “juice jacking”?

How does it work?

Although not new, “juice jacking” continues to be a form of security exploitation which many still are not familiar with.  This form of crime utilizes public charging stations, which are commonly found at airports, hotels, restaurants, etc..  Cybercriminals will then use the USB connection to load malware directly into the charging station which is transmittable through an infected connection cable which the victim then utilizes to plug their device in.

Upon installing the malware on to the device, cybercriminals can gain access to a device and proceed to gain and steal your information.

How to avoid falling victim?

  • Avoid using public charging stations whenever possible or carry a portable charger or power bank
  • If you must use a public charging station, plug directly into an electrical outlet using your own charger
  • If you must use a USB, invest and use a USB data blocker when traveling