About Us

Our vision


What is your competitive edge? Whether you define this as expertise in your field or commitment to customer service excellence, there is no denying that technology will be pivotal on your road to success.

Built on a platform of 20+ years of experience, Paradigm IT Group, was built to exclusively empower small and mid-size businesses through customized IT support and solutions. From helpdesk support to the implementation of your next big project, Paradigm IT Group, takes a consultative approach in understanding our clients’ goals and objectives and customizing the best, fastest and economical road map to get them there.

Our commitment


“Real-person approach”: Just because we are your “technology” partners, doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the “human” factor. Our clients know to expect individualized, concise and easy to understand support.

Timeliness: We value and respect your time. We understand that down time in the business world translates to profit loss. Premier customer service experience: You make the same commitment to your customers, why should you expect anything less?

Cost effective and reliable solutions.