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About Us

Paradigm IT Group is a W/MBE & WBENC Certified IT MSP, Consulting, Engineering and Staffing Services company built on a platform of 20+ years of enterprise-level experience.  
Paradigm was born from identifying a need within the small and mid-sized business sector.  A need for knowledgeable IT professionals that also took the time to build relationships and service businesses with a more “individual approach” versus typical “cookie-cutter” solutions.
The essence of our company is that we build relationships with our customers by integrating into their day to day operations.  Our team becomes an extension of theirs, supporting everything from the basic “my mouse isn’t working” issue to more complex concerns including cyber and network security.
Our team is composed of outstanding IT Professionals who work side by side with each user, listening and addressing their concerns.  Our business model does NOT include a term-contract relationship with our clients.  This gives our clients the peace of mind to know that our team will not just deliver on day one but we continue to go above and beyond every day thereafter.

The structure of our company is supported by four founding commitment pillars which are: PEOPLETECHNOLOGYINNOVATION and ACCOUNTABILITY/ TRUST.


We commit to never taking the “people” component out of technology.  Our conversations are real, human, and in standard English language.  Our relationship-driven approach helps us better understand and develop technology solutions based on the needs of the people that we support.


We understand that technology is pivotal to the success of any company; large or small.  We commit to taking the time to understand the needs and challenges of our clients so that we can provide compatible, reliable and cost-effective solutions.  Our enterprise-level experience helps us stay at the cutting edge of sound and secure technology solutions.


We are a team of forward-thinking and forward- looking Professionals.  The world that we live in demands innovation and our clients rely on our ability to delivery technology solutions that will not only live today and die tomorrow, but will continue to grow with them; hence, making their businesses stronger, more capable, more secure and ultimately, giving them the competitive edge over their competitors.


We do what we say we’ll do, period.  Trust is simply a result of that.