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Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi Connections

Cybersecurity Minute: Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi Connections, even when they are password protected.  Here’s why:

While public networks are convenient, they pose a big security risk.  Avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi unless absolutely necessary.  Instead, consider using your phone carrier’s internet connection or use your phone as a personal hotspot if your plan allows.

4 Safety Concerns around using public Wi-Fi are:

  1. Network Sniffing: the attacker can be scanning the public network for unencrypted passwords or credentials
  2. MITM ( Man in the Middle) Attack: the attacker can place itself between you and the server you’re trying to reach and capture your private information
  3. Session Hijacking: this is when the attacker exploits a legitimate web browsing session in order to capture your information
  4. Malware, Viruses and Worms: connecting to a public Wi-Fi will expose your device to any of these infections

If you must absolutely need to connect to public Wi-Fi, here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure to have updated anti-virus/ security software installed on your device
  2. Verify the network name with the establishment as sometimes malicious individuals create similar connection points
  3. Make sure to de-select the connect automatically feature for future sessions
  4. And ensure to disconnect the connection immediately upon completing use