My name is Anthony Alexander. I am the president of a company called the Disabilities Assistance Payee Services (DAPS). We have been in the Orlando area for a little under three years now. We are a non-profit organizational representative payee service. We provide assistance in attaining social security benefits, and the financial management of Social Security and VA benefits for those individuals identified by Social Security Administration and Department of Veteran Affairs. Our objective, coupled with social service treatment agencies, is to form a relationship with our clients and to successfully manage each individual’s funds so that they attain and maintain financial stability. This process requires that we collect large amounts of data for each client in order to maintain their financial success. This confidential data is vital to the success of our company.

To ensure our success, we needed to have innovative a creative data collection methods that would not only ensure that the confidentiality of our clients was secure, but to ensure that we could allow for specific agencies to access that information without compromising that confidentiality. Paradigm IT Group was just the right company to this. Oscar and his team have created a specific data collection end portal sharing program that allows us to do this while maintaining the privacy of all our clients. As a result of this data collection portal sharing program, we are able to place this company far beyond the reaches of our competition. We are able to give specific federal agencies a level of transparency that is vital in ensuring that clients are not being exploited or taken advantage of. This, intern, drives up the volume of clients we serve because it gives the federal agencies as well as case management services the confidence that they can always access information when needed.

This is all do to the technological genius and innovative savvy the paradigm group have provided to us. It has been a great combination and outstanding business relationship which allows us to communicate, express our ideas, and reach possibilities we never thought were available. I respect in value the business relationship that we have built with the paradigm group. As we grow I look forward to what is to come with Paradigm IT Group.

Anthony Alexander,